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What is EverLog Siding?

EverLog Siding is a revolutionary concrete log siding.  Made of light weight reinforced concrete, EverLog Siding eliminates the costly maintenance, susceptibility to fire, mold insects, and other problems commonly associated with log or other siding materials.


1. What does EverLog Siding do?

EverLog Siding solves the traditional issues associated with log wood siding. Our siding combines an amazingly realistic log looking exterior with a worry-free, easy to install siding.

2. What does EverLog Siding cost?

Our siding cost can vary depending on the quantity ordered, color selection and number of corners.
Call us today for a free quote.

3. What is included in an EverLog Siding package? Who applies the siding?

A siding package order includes pre-finished siding & corner posts. It does not include fasteners, chinking, or any window/door trim pieces. EverLog Siding is best installed by a qualified installer. An installation manual is also included.

4. What is EverLog Siding applied to?

Our siding can be applied to almost any surface. Traditional 2x wood/steel framing, SIP panels, ICF’s, are the most common.

5. What is your service area?

We service the entire United States and International Markets.

6. What does a piece of EverLog Siding weigh?

A standard 12’ piece of siding weighs approximately 50 pounds. While not heavy, we recommended two people to lift and apply EverLog Siding. Please consult the siding installation manual for additional details.

7. How are doors and window openings handled?

Trimming out a door and window is similar to any other siding however because our siding has a raised profile you will need to make sure your door/window trim/molding extends out past the siding.

8. What colors are available?

EverLog Siding is available in 3 standard colors. See Colors. Custom colors are available for an additional fee.

9. How long does it take to get the siding package?

Delivery times vary based on quantities and existing orders, all orders are prioritized based on when the deposit is received. Call us today for a current delivery estimate.


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