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What are EverLogs?

EverLogs are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to log construction. Made of composite materials our exterior logs offer the exact character, texture, and warm appeal of quality wood logs. Patented EverLogs also eliminate the structural instability, costly maintenance, and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with log construction.


1.  What do EverLogs do?

EverLogs solve the traditional issues associated with log wood construction.

2. What do EverLogs cost?

Our wall package price is comparable to quality handcrafted wood logs.

ELS wall package prices generally range between $75 - $85 per square foot of floor space. Price will vary based on factors like: size of the home; wall heights; design features of the home (gables, dormers, etc); unique design features, location, and the like.

3. What is included in a EverLogs wall package? Do you build the complete wall?

Click to see “What is Included in a ELS Wall Package”.

4. What is the R-Value of EverLogs?

EverLogs perform at an R-19 value. Furthermore, we recently had a “blower door” test conducted on our structures by The National Center for Appropriate Technology. Blower door tests measure the air tightness and infiltration heat loss of any given structure. This test concluded that our structures (when properly constructed) are six (6) times as air tight as framed structures and seven (7) times are air tight as a comparable wood log homes.

Click to see the “NCAT Blower Door Test

5. What is your service area?

We service the entire United States and International Markets.

6. What do EverLogs weigh?

When stacked EverLogs form a structural wall system and weigh about 100 lbs. per lineal foot. Because we include erection in our wall package price you never have to worry about picking one up!

7. Do you have a log texture for the interior walls?

No, our logs are intentionally designed with a flat interior surface. Architects, designers, builders, homeowners constantly tell us they prefer (or at least want the flexibility) for something other than a log interior finish.

Providing a flat interior surface allows for the flexibility to finish the interior with timber frame, post and beam, log accent, sheet rock, or other interior finishes.

8. How are doors and windows openings handled?

Our door and window openings are engineered directly into the wall system and precise to the manufactures specifications, no need for on-site modifications.

9. How do you run plumbing and electrical?

Our interior walls are typically furred or framed out using 2x2s, 2x4s, or 2x6s on edge. Spacing between the furring or framing allows for room to run electrical and plumbing.

10. What colors are available?

EverLogs are available in just about any natural wood color. See our Photo Gallery section for samples.

11. How long does it take to get the log package?

Once plans have been completed and signed off our delivery cycle (production, transportation, and erection) is typically 60 – 90 days. This time can vary based on time of year, demand, and other factors so please check with one of our Project Managers for details.


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