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April 2011 
Volume 18 

What makes EverLog™ Siding Unique?

EverLog™ Siding is a worry free concrete log siding. Made of light weight reinforced concrete, EverLog™ Siding eliminates the costly maintenance, susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with log or other siding materials. You can learn more about EverLog™ Systems' family of products at

1. Panel Size and Wall Coverage

Our Panels are two to three times the size of typical siding. Each EverLog™ Siding Panel is 16" high x 12' long, and covers 16 square feet of wall space.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

2. Ease of Installation

Because EverLog™ Siding Panels cover more wall area, less time is spent on installation and cutting. Additionally, fewer fasteners are required.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

3. Three Dimensional Profile

EverLog™ Siding Panels are three dimensional with a face that extends 1-1/2" away from the wall. This feature gives the unmistakable appearance of a heavy wood timber.

Most siding products are two dimensional which means the siding is flat with little or no texture.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

4. Unique Texture

Our siding Panels have a unique Hand Hewn texture unlike anything else in the manufactured siding market. Each Panel replicates the grain, knots, and checks commonly found in natural wood timbers. EverLog™ Siding Panels are an instant and dramatic improvement to any structure.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

5. Innovative Materials

Our Panels are made from a light weight, high strength, fiber reinforced concrete. EverLog™ Siding Panels will not burn, warp, twist, shrink, or settle.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

6. Versatility

EverLog™ Siding Panels can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

7. Horizontal Connections

With most siding the horizontal connection (butt joint) is uneven and very apparent. Our horizontal connections are seamless and natural looking.

EverLog™ Siding: Concrete Log Siding

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About EverLog™ Systems

EverLog™ Systems' family of products offer the exact look and texture of natural wood logs while eliminating the problems commonly associated with wood log construction.

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