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January 2012 
Volume 24 

Meeting New Fire Code Requirements with EverLog™ Siding

California Residence Before - EverLog™ Systems

California Residence After - EverLog™ Systems

California Residence After - EverLog™ Systems
California Residence After - EverLog™ Systems
California Residence After - EverLog™ Systems

Across the country, strict new fire codes require architects, builders and owners to re-think how they design and build their homes. A Class "A" fire rating is the highest rating given to an exterior siding material. Building codes are being updated to require products to meet this rating, especially structures located in "Urban-Wildland Interface" areas.

Located in a fire prone area of Southern California, the architect and owners of this cabin, selected our 16" Hand Hewn EverLog™ Siding to replace the existing wood siding. Not only did this update the look, but it also provided a Class "A" fire rating, no ongoing maintenance and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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Did you know we provide these?

Given the flexibility of our product lines, people often ask us "What other structures are you producing?" Here are some examples of products and projects you might not be aware of.

EverLog™ Timbers

Our EverLog™ Timbers are maintenance free, structural and provide great architectural appeal.

EverLog™ Timber Building Components

Vault Restrooms

EverLog™ Systems offers a range (singles, double, privacy scene, etc) of vaulted restrooms featuring various log profiles (D-Log, Hand Hewn, etc.).

EverLog™ Restroom

Outbuilding & Utility Structures

EverLogs™ were used on a custom designed restroom and utility building in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Teton Restroom & Utility Building
EverLogs™     EverLog™ Siding

EverLog™ Siding


EverLog™ Siding
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EverLog™ Siding Brochure
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EverLog™ Systems' family of products offer the exact look and texture of natural wood logs while eliminating the problems commonly associated with wood log construction.

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