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April 2013 
Volume 33 

Introducing a new product from EverLog™ Systems:
12" Round EverLog™ Siding

12" Round EverLog™ Siding is another worry free concrete log home product from EverLog™ Systems.

Crafted to replicate the deep and rich texture of traditional round logs, our 12" Round EverLog™ Siding dramatically improves the look and feel of any home. This product, like all our siding products, can be applied to new or existing structures. And given it's light weight and ease of installation using common tools this product is ideal for both professional installers and DIYers.

As with all our worry free products, our 12" Round EverLog™ Siding comes without the high cost and continuous log home maintenance requirements of natural wood logs.

The wall cross section below details how our siding products are installed.

At EverLog™ Systems we believe there is a better way to build a log home. Please let us know if we can assist with your next project. Call us at 1.877.257.5647 or visit our website for more information.

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EverLog™ Siding


EverLog™ Siding
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EverLog™ Siding Brochure
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EverLog™ Systems' family of products offer the exact look and texture of natural wood logs while eliminating the problems commonly associated with wood log construction.

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