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February 2013 
Volume 31 

The Caddis - The Sportsman's Cabin

The Caddis Floor Plan Rendering - EverLog&trade Systems Concrete Log Homes
The Caddis Main Floor Plan Concrete Log Home The Caddis Loft Floor Plan Concrete Log Home

Main Floor
480 sf

Loft Floor
323 sf

The Caddis is an economical yet cozy cabin that we designed to be worry free by removing all exposed exterior wood. Instead, we substituted maintenance free exterior materials like natural stone, glass, metal, and concrete EverLog™ products including EverLogs™, EverLog™ Timbers and EverLog™ Siding.

This concrete log cabin offers 1 bedroom, 1 bath, a full kitchen, and 323 square feet of loft space for storage or additional sleeping space. With 803 square feet of total interior space and a projected finish cost of under $130,000.00, The Caddis also provides fantastic value to any homeowner.

As with all our homes, our concrete EverLog™ products remove any concerns about the logs burning, rotting, decaying, shifting, settling, twisting, or any other common woo log home maintenance or construction issues. This cabin can even be built at the waters' edge without concern about moisture, mold or humidity causing damage to your logs.

Please contact us at 1.877.257.5647 or to discuss your next project.

What is Chinking?

Completed chinking on EverLog™ home. Our customers often ask "What is chinking and do I use it with your system?" Here is a short explanation of what it is, how it’s applied and how, we at EverLog™ Systems, use chinking for our concrete log homes and concrete log cabin siding.

Chinking is an elastic sealant material that has a coarse surface which is designed to look like old-fashioned mortar and used on a range of log home joints. Chinking is used for aesthetic purposes and keeping out the elements. And comes in various colors designed to blend or contrast with the logs based on the desired look.

During application chinking has a viscosity similar to peanut butter and will "set up" as it cures. Some chinking brands will cure faster than others, and some will maintain more elasticity than others. Before and after chinking on EverLog™ Siding project.

Typically, chinking is sold in either 5 gallon pails or in individual tubes similar to silicon caulking. Professional installers use a hopper and pump system while smaller job my only require an applicator gun that can draw chinking directly from the pail.

EverLog™ Systems’ products are designed to look exactly like real wood log home logs, except are made of concrete. When our EverLog™ products are stacked there is a small joint between each log that is foamed closed and then chinked over. With our concrete log siding the chinking is also used to cover the fastening screw heads. When complete the chinking provides the final touches to any log home.

For more information about our EverLog™ concrete log homes and EverLog™ Siding products visit our website ( or give us a call at 877.257.5647.

Weatherall Chinking Colors

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